Transforming Healthcare, One Company at a Time.

We back entrepreneurs building large, disruptive businesses that have the potential to dominate multi-billion dollar healthcare markets.

Founded in 2004, GSR Ventures is one of the world’s most successful early-stage venture firms, with over $3.7 billion under management.

We are focused on early-stage digital health companies that leverage emerging technology to transform the healthcare landscape

Our Approach. We work with passionate founders to transform healthcare

We Chase Huge Impact

We look for companies that are transformative in healthcare. We focus on make-or-break decisions and don’t fret over the small stuff.

We Believe Knowledge is Power

We are a team of physicians, founders, and engineers with unmatched industry expertise.

We are Your Partners at Every Step

We work hard and iterate fast, just like our entrepreneurs. We understand that founding a company is challenging, and we are here to support you in all aspects of your journey.









Our Investment Philosophy.  Early-Stage Digital Health Companies with Huge Impact.

What we’re excited about

Healthcare Technology

Healthcare has not been historically impacted by technology as drastically as other sectors have, but we believe that this will change in the next decade.  We look for opportunities to leverage emerging technology to drive 100x improvements in efficiency and effectiveness. We focus on companies using technologies and services to transform care delivery, companies using digital tools to empower people to manage their health and wellness, and companies using software to change how new treatments are developed.

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