Yuechen Zhao Partner

Yuechen is a Partner at GSR Ventures, where he focuses on platforms, products, and services that empower people to live happier, healthier, and longer lives. Prior to GSR Ventures, Yuechen founded an AI-powered personalized travel platform and built products at Google, Uber, and a financial investment startup.

Yuechen received his BA in Computer Science from Harvard University.

Featured Companies


Firework empowers brands, retailers, and publishers to engage users on their own digital properties with livestreaming, shoppable videos, and short video stories.


Neuron is a leading global e-scooter sharing operator that focuses on strong partnerships with cities and municipalities, optimizing both hardware and operations for environmental impact and rider safety.


Glimpse establishes an immersive experiential retail channel for direct-to-consumer brands and services by enabling them to provide an immersive trial experience for guests through product placements in luxury short-term rentals and resorts.


Para is building a better gig economy by helping to put dollars in workers’ pockets and creating a unified gigwork marketplace.


Recess helps fitness and wellness professionals build their own businesses online by providing a client management platform and consumer marketplace to convert new customers. 

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