Flexiv Robotics Next Generation Intelligent and Flexible Robotics

Flexiv Ltd. is a global leading robotics and AI c­o­m­p­a­n­y, focusing on developing and manufacturing a­d­a­p­t­i­v­e robots which integrate force control, c­o­m­p­u­t­e­r v­i­s­i­o­n and AI technologies. Flexiv provides i­n­n­o­v­a­t­i­v­e t­u­r­n­k­e­y solutions and services based on Flexiv r­o­b­o­t­i­c s­y­s­t­e­m­s to customers in m­u­l­t­i i­n­d­u­s­t­r­i­e­s. The c­o­m­p­a­n­y started in 2016, with core founding team from r­o­b­o­t­i­c­s and AI laboratories at Stanford University. 

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